27 May 2013

Easy way to remove Deja-dup in Ubuntu 13.04

Even if Ubuntu adds Deja-dup backup software in default install with good intentions, I beg to differ.

Ubuntu should realise that not everybody will need this backup solution and should give an option to select/disable this service during installtion or soon after installation during first boot.

To begin with it doesn't even load reliably everytime I start/restart the computer.

Soon after booting the PC, sometimes it shows up in System Monitor and some times it does not!

Even in those instances it doesn't show up immediately after booting, it decides to make a delayed appearance in System Monitor after a good 20,30 minutes.

It unnecessarily sits there and sucks up processor time, memory and affects agility of system.

If you dare to calculate the unnecessary use PC resources due to deja-dup in millions of PCs all over the world, cloud deployments, etc, it would amount to staggering wastage which is definitely avoidable.

Being loaded in memory all times, I think it also slows down my shutdown times.

So removing it surely will improve boot and shutdown times.

Since I backup all my important files in Google drive or Pendrive I really dont have any need for this monitor.

First let us see the details.

You can launch System Monitor and select the Deja-dup Monitor entry in Processes tab.

And then right click on the entry to get this context menu.

Note: In previous versions of Ubuntu just right clicking will select the Deja-dup Monitor entry and open the context menu here.

But in Ubuntu 13.04 you have to first select the entry and then right click to get the appropriate context menu.

Next select the Properties option. This action will open up Process Properties window with almost all relavant details.

Let us see how to remove it from Terminal (Commandline) here.

Launch Terminal and type or copy paste the command.

sudo apt-get remove deja-dup

It will ask for password.

After you type password this output will come in terminal.

As you can see in this screenshot this command removes deja-dup and its dependencies like

1. deja-dup-backend-gvfs,

2. deja-dup-backend-ubuntuone also.

Type y and proceed. It will lead to the following output.

As you can see it will reclaim some 3 MB of hard disk space.

Surprisingly it will not kill the Deja-dup service. To finish out job let us do that also.

Run this command from terminal.

sudo killall -9 deja-dup-monitor

It will immediately kill the Deja-dup-Monitor service and reclaim some memory back.

Or you can leave it as it is and on next boot the removal job will be completed.

You are advised to refer

How to remove Deja-dup backup software? And why?

for other details/screenshots left out of this writeup.

Vikrambuzz continues its relentless fight against bloatware in Ubuntu with your support.

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